Motoring Enthusiasts Guide to Car Transporting Melbourne to Perth

For every passionate car lover, the excitement and pure joy being surrounded by a well manufactured or restored collaboration of metal on four wheels is enough to take any motoring enthusiasts breath away. There is something truly remarkable when people of all ages spreading from separate generations congregating together to appreciate the vast amount of car shows and automotive events that Australia has to offer.

Car shows, fairs, swap meets, charity runs, veteran car rallies and organized race events give enthusiasts occasions to share their passion and meet others with similar interests. Many in the field are dedicated to sharing their joy all around Australia and do so by showcasing their classic cars in interstate car shows and events.  Australia is a large country and the distance between the east and west is 4,030 km. Transporting within the state or locally may prove an easy task but when transporting classic, luxury and prestige cars from Melbourne to Perth it is considered no easy feat. In fact, it can be a daunting process taking into account the costs involved and the considerations you have to be mindful of. If you are looking for car transport Melbourne to Perth, some of the options below will outline the pros and cons of long distance vehicle transportation.

Driving Your Car Between Melbourne to Perth

The first option that comes to mind is simply driving across the country yourself, the is a vast amount of road to cover between the two destinations with breath taking scenery to enjoy, you’ll be able to experience the best part of Australia up close. The downside to this is being presented with over 3,500 km journey that can take the average driver between 36 to 40 hours of driving. Along the way you’ll have to consider adequate time spent on breaks, places to eat and sleep which could all add up 5 or 6 days of transit.  Not to mention, the costs involved in accommodation and fuel which all contributes to the total cost of transport.

Professional Car Transport Companies

Vehicle transport companies can consist of a tow truck with a 9 metre tray or a comprehensive trailer capable of carrying multiple cars at the one time. Tow trucks are not a cost effective long distance transportation option and are more suited to moving cars locally or within the same state. Open car carriers on the other hand can provide a cost effective solution to transport vehicles over long distances as the cost is spread over a full load being transported between Melbourne and Perth. The disadvantage is that cars in transit are susceptible to damage due to the harsh external elements arising from long distance travel, debris and airborne rocks can cause dent and crack windows, dirt and dust and damage to finishing of your car. There are options for enclosed car carrying trailers, however they can be expensive but is worth considering.

Transporting Car by Rail

Shipping a car by train is the least common option, although travel by train between Melbourne and Perth is certainly quick, major train routes do not typically contract with customers to ship a car. Rail networks that do provide vehicle transport often have agreements with auto carrier companies to fill vacant space on carriages. Transporting by rail may not work in certain parts of Australia but for the routes that are available it can be incredibly efficient. Apart from the availability of shipping by rail, the service would require cars to be loaded and unloaded several times during the journey compared to other relocation methods.